Young Lords Socialist Medicine

1946-1989, Date, Defining the Enemy, Disruptive Spaces, Imperialism, Latino, Privatization, Self Institution, Tactics of Disruption, Urban Spaces, White Supremacy

The Young Lords Party identifies the disparities of the United States health system, which neglects the needs of the oppressed in the Bronx. Through exposing the racist and classist oppression within the United States Healthcare system- specifically through the spread of Tuberculosis- the Young Lords create their own methods of healthcare through socialist practices.

“Every Saturday, the Young Lords Party goes door to door in El Barrio and the South Bronx, testing for tuberculosis. Even though t.b. has been eliminated among the rich, the middle classes, and white people in general, it is alive and spreading in the Puerto Rican and Black colonies of amerikkka, the “richest” country in the world”

-Carol Pastor

The Young Lords Party: 13-Point Program and Platform

1946-1989, Authority, Date, Defining the Enemy, Disruptive Spaces, Imperialism, Institutions, Latino, Self Institution, Subjectives of Refusal, Tactics of Disruption, Urban Spaces, White Supremacy

In a 13-Point Program and Platform, the Young Lords Party declared their fight for self-determination for Puerto Ricans inside and outside the United States. This program highlights the Young Lords’ dedication to an interconnected liberation of Black, Indians, Indigenous, Asian, and Latinos. Additionally, they demand community control of institutions, land, and education. They reject the American military and capitalism and urge the creation of a socialist society.

The Radical Women Manifesto – Platform (2001)

1990-2010, Alternative Spaces, Date, Defining the Enemy, Disruptive Spaces, Patriarchy, Privatization, Subjectives of Refusal, The Bourgeoisie, Women, Workers

The Radical Women Manifesto: Socialist Feminist Theory, Program and Organizational Structure is the manifesto of the Radical Women (RW). RW is an intersectional, multi-issue based organization rooted in intersectional, socialist-feminist ideology. This excerpt of the manifesto describes their platform and demands regarding legal rights, economic equality, unions, healthcare, education, the environment, and more.

Our platform reflects the wide spectrum of issues that Radical Women has taken up over the years, though it cannot begin to be a complete list of all the stands we take as we intervene in the ever-changing struggles of oppressed people all over the world