Message to the Tricontinental by Che Guevara (1967)

1946-1989, Colonized, Defining the Enemy, Imperialism, Indigenous, Latino, Subjectives of Refusal, The Bourgeoisie

Che Guevara‘s Message to the Tricontinental was a seminal work for the 1960s global movement against imperialism through its expression of solidarity between all colonized people of the world. Its words and sentiment were adopted by Tom Hayden in the New Left Student Movement in the US.

How close we could look into a bright future should two, three, or many Vietnams flourish throughout the world with their share of deaths and their immense tragedies, their everyday heroism and their repeated blows against imperialism, impelled to disperse its forces under the sudden attack and the increasing hatred of all peoples of the world!

Che Guevara

Black Power by Stokely Carmichael (1966)

1946-1989, Date, Defining the Enemy, Disruptive Spaces, Institutions, White Supremacy

Carmichael expands on black power in his speech to Berkeley students in 1966. SNCC and the Black power movement tried to create new standards of legitimacy by shifting away from white supremacy and trying to base legitimacy in Black working class culture.