“A cop sleeps inside each one of us. We must kill him.” The graffiti of the French May 1968 Uprising

1946-1989, Authority, Date, Defining the Enemy, Disruptive Spaces, Institutions, Students, Subjectives of Refusal, Urban Spaces, Workers

A collection of slogans spray-painted on the walls and halls of Paris in May 1968.

In the decor of the spectacle, the eye meets only things and their prices. 
We will ask nothing. We will demand nothing. We will take, occupy. 
Barricades close the streets but open the way. 
Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible

The Coming Insurrection – The Invisible Committee (2009)

1990-2010, Alternative Spaces, Authority, Blockade/Barricade, Date, Defining the Enemy, Disruptive Spaces, History/Theory, Imperialism, Infrastructure/Data, Institutions, Occupation, Privatization, Sabotage/Ecotage, Self Institution, Subjectives of Refusal, Subjects Redefined, Tactics of Disruption, The Bourgeoisie, The Workplace, Theory, Time Interrupted, Workers

Now classic text by French collective – The Invisible Committee describing the present impasse through seven circles of hell and the way out through the insurrectionary commune

The goal of any insurrection is to become irreversible.
It becomes irreversible when you’ve defeated
both authority and the need for authority, property
and the taste for appropriation, hegemony and the
desire for hegemony. That is why the insurrectionary
process carries within itself the form of its victory, or
that of its defeat. Destruction has never been enough
to make things irreversible. What matters is how it’s
done. There are ways of destroying that unfailingly
provoke the return of what has been crushed.

How To (Safely) Stop A Train – Bure Polit-Art Collective (2019)

2011-Present, Blockade/Barricade, Date, Disruptive Spaces, Infrastructure/Data, Sabotage/Ecotage, Tactics of Disruption, The 'Natural World'

Step-by-step manual on safety, sabotage, and blockades of rail infrastructure from France.

“The interruption of electricity, goods or data streams with the aim of disturbing the functioning of capitalist logic or the infrastructure of the ruling order has always been a form of resistance.” We hope this reading can be helpful as a “spark of inspiration” for your very personal blockade and sabotage experiences.”