The World’s Trade Union Movement – Trade Union Educational League (1924)

1840-1945, Consciousness Raising, Date, Defining the Enemy, Subjectives of Refusal, The Bourgeoisie, Workers

The Trade Union Educational League was founded in late 1920. It was supported by the Communist Party USA and a majority of members were also members of the Communist Party USA. Its goal was to build a union and workers’ movement. This pamphlet is a collection of lectures given by A. Losovsky – the General Secretary of the Red International of Labor Unions – which give a comprehensive, global of the trade union movement.

“There is available a comprehensive picture of the trade union movement from the world viewpoint, which deals not so much with the statics but rather with the vital, living influences at work within the labor movement, the tendencies, the relation of forces and, especially, with the tremendous struggle developing throughout the world since the war by the forces of revolutionary struggle…”

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