Philosophical Trends in the Feminist Movement (2006)

1990-2010, Capitalism, Defining the Enemy, Disruptive Spaces, History/Theory, Institutions, Patriarchy, Subjectives of Refusal, The Workplace, Theory, Women, Workers

Anuradha Ghandy was a founding member of the Indian Communist Party, and strongly contributed to and drafted policy regarding the caste system in India, and the intersection between feminism and Marxism. As a salient part of her philosophy, Ghandy understood that it was impossible to isolate women’s liberation from the struggle to overthrow the entire imperialist system. In this summary at the end of her 100-page work, Ghandy criticizes the weaknesses of the theories propelling the feminist movement, including seeking the roots of the oppression of women in their reproductive roles, and falling into an imperialist trap that emphasizes needing to liberate women from sexual repression.

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