“Political and Armed Struggle” Al Fatah (1974)

1946-1989, Colonized, Date, Subjectives of Refusal

“Political and Armed Struggle” was a pamphlet published in 1974 by Al-Fatah. This pahmplet explains the organization, aims, and tactics ofthe party. It illustrates the tie between armed and political struggles against oppression. Al Fatah is the largest faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The Fatah party is a social democratic party following a Palestinian nationalism ideology. The party advocates for a secular, two-state solution.

“Two Military Operations in the Heart of the Beast” Democratic Palestine (1984)

1946-1989, Colonized, Consciousness Raising, Date, Subjectives of Refusal, Tactics of Disruption

“Democratic Palestine” was a publication started in 1979 with the intention of cultivating solidarity among all global struggles against imperialism in the context of Palestine. This issue, “Two Military Operations in the Heart of the Beast”, was split into six sections; Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Arab World, World, and Culture.