May Day Belongs to the People of the World – Student and Youth for a People’s Peace (1971)

1946-1989, Blockade/Barricade, Date, Disruptive Spaces, Occupation, Tactics of Disruption, Urban Spaces

This piece is a call to action for individuals to join in the civil disobedience measures that will be taking place beginning on May 1, 1971 and continuing until a peace treaty is implemented by the Nixon Administration. Should Nixon fail to call an immediate end to the war within two days, the group is set to close down the federal government through acts of civil disobedience. The importance of these actions being non-violent is stressed, while various methods of blockades, strikes, and more are mentioned. The author also articulates how demonstrations should be carried out in more cities than just Washington D.C. and that all communities should get involved as everyone is affected by the war.

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