Native Alliance for Red Power Newsletter (1969)

1946-1989, Date, Indigenous, Subjectives of Refusal

This newsletter was published in June/July 1969 in Vancouver by the Native Alliance for Red Power (NARP). It includes writing from the NARP and the American Indian movement (AIM) about tactics of indigenous power such as patrols and confrontations with police, exploitation and dehumanization of indigenous peoples and their land, schooling, and more. The point programs for both organizations are also included in this newsletter.

The object of the Beothuck Patrol is to cover the skid row area to offer protection to our people from any and all persons who are obstructing or abusing them in anyway. In otherwards, we tour the streets, alleys, beer parlors etc stopping intimidation of our people.

We will not be free until we are able to determine our destiny. Therefore, we want power to determine the density of our reservations and communities… This racist government has robbed, cheated and brutalized us, and is responsible for the deaths of untold members of our people. We feel under no obligation to support this government…