Extinction Rebellion Occupation of Insurance Firms – Extinction Rebellion (2024)

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This is a news article by Extinction Rebellion (XR) detailing the occupation of the offices of five major insurers within the City of London by various XR protesters. Activists occupied the lobbies of the firms and called on the insurance company CEOs to speak with them about how their companies can play a part in stopping climate-destroying fossil fuel projects. The group had previously made demands in a letter sent to over 40 insurers throughout the City of London. Some of these demands included a complete and immediate ban on insuring new as well as expanding oil, gas and coal projects. These direct actions were taken in solidarity with the Insure Our Future Global Week of Action.

“I have joined the Insurance Week of Action to tell insurance companies that insuring fossil fuel extraction in 2024 is unacceptable. These companies are enabling destruction, displacement and death from the comfort of their headquarters.” – Dr. Lucy Hogarth, a member of Scientists for Extinction Rebellion

Declaration of Rebellion – Extinction Rebellion UK (n.d.)

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Extinction Rebellion UK published a statement detailing their rebellion against the government, and declaring the nullification of the bonds of the social contract as a result of the government’s failure to directly address the sixth mass extinction event.

“We hereby declare the bonds of the social contract to be null and void, which the government has rendered invalid by its continuing failure to act appropriately. We call upon every principled and peaceful citizen to rise with us.”

Extinction Rebellion (2018-now)

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Extinction Rebellion (XR) is a decentralized global protest group dedicated to raising awareness for biodiviersity loss and climate change, as well as persuading governments to enact policies that respond justly to the growing climate emergency. This report contains an overview of their organization, lists what they have accomplished in 2020, what they plan to accomplish in 2021.