The Red Rebel Brigade (2019-now)

2011-Present, Blockade/Barricade, Consciousness Raising, Date, Disruptive Spaces, Tactics of Disruption, Urban Spaces

Red Rebel Brigade symbolises the common blood we share with all species,

That unifies us and makes us one.

As such we move as one, act as one and more importantly feel as one.

We are unity and we empathise with our surroundings, we are forgiving

We are sympathetic and humble, compassionate and understanding,

We divert, distract, delight and inspire the people who watch us,

We illuminate the magic realm beneath the surface of all things and we invite people to enter in, we make a bubble and calm the storm, we are peace in the midst of war.

We are who the people have forgotten to be!

The Red Rebel Brigade is a subset of Exinction Revolution. This group uses performative art as spectacle to disrupt daily life. Their goal is to draw attention to the ongoing climate crisis and to foster solidarity.

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