Scouting Manual For Activists – The Ruckus Society (2016)

2011-Present, Blockade/Barricade, Date, Disruptive Spaces, Evasion, Infrastructure/Data, Institutions, Occupation, Sabotage/Ecotage, Tactics of Disruption, The 'Natural World', The Workplace, Urban Spaces

A basic overview of scouting techniques including cover stories, useful equipment, and what to look out for when planning everything from a blockade to a banner drop.

A scout should provide information that will allow her to
evaluate site access, security, the kind of image
the action will provide (especially relevant if visual messaging
is important), safety concerns, and probability of success.
Thinking about weather, lighting, finding useful symbols or
signage, and understanding traffic and security patterns are
all concerns that are critical for action planning.

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