May First Movement Technology

1990-2010, 2011-Present, Date, Defining the Enemy, Disruptive Spaces, Infrastructure/Data, Privatization, Sabotage/Ecotage, Self Institution, Tactics of Disruption

May First Movement Technology is an organization that supports a variety of movements whose overarching goal is to “engage in building movements by advancing the strategic use and collective control of technology for local struggles, global transformation, and emancipation without borders.” Technological disruption is a way for people across different societies, classes, races, gender, religion, and so on to work towards a common goal. One of their most notable members include the Yes Men. While providing an open space for its members to create disruptive technological content, this movement also plays an important role in protecting its members from prosecution and other attempts to derail their work. There are a few different links attached to this post, such as the the movement’s main website, their mission statement, and a list of the ways they’ve resisted against the influence of corporations.

We want to be a platform for that kind of collaboration: the democratic control and expansion of technology as a tool for human survival and the struggle to make that happen. We want to build that and we want to model it.

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